• Real Art Roadshow

Real Art Roadshow

The Real Art Roadshow was a two travelling exhibition tailers containing original work by more than 120 leading New Zealand artists. Aimed primarily at years 11, 12 and 13, students are able to encounter, engage with, and enjoy, a diverse range of artworks from well-known and exciting New Zealand artists.

The concept was born out of a passion a New Zealand philanthropist has for art and a desire to see fine art made available to secondary school students. Fiona Campbell the Director of the Real Art charitable Trust had an idea to take real art to schools, however the mechanism for doing so eluded the Trust until they stumbled onto one of our UPV’s in Cathedral Square in Christchurch.

A relationship was quickly formed and in 2007 a pilot programme went on the road throughout the greater Wellington region for 10 weeks. The pilot was a great success and in 2008 the Real Art Roadshow went on the road for real. From school term 1-3 in 2008 it travelled much of the lower South Island and much of the central part of the North Island.

During 2008, design and construction of a new trailer purpose built for the Real Art Roadshow Trust and operated by The National Science-Technology Roadshow Trust was commissioned. The Silver Trailer was on the road 2009, in 2010 it toured together with the Black trailer (UPV2) throughout much of the North Island.